Autumn Fairy Tale 2018 report

The XVI Festival-Competition “Autumn Fairy Tale” of the International Youth Forum was notable for its novelty and originality.

The history of the festivals of the International Youth Forum began in 2002, when there was not yet a festival movement in Europe and many festivals that appeared much later in different cities and countries. The fact remains that most of the best youth teams visited the Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, France, Slovakia and Bulgaria at the festivals of the International Youth Forum. After all, for the leaders of children’s ensembles, studios, art schools it is well known that the competitions-festivals: “Autumn Fairy Tale”, “Winter Fairy Tale”, “Holiday of Spring”, “Blooming Czech” provided the best scenes in Europe, the most authoritative jury and interesting entertainment programs, valuable gifts of Czech glass with the Golden Angel of the festival and, of course, a magnificent gala concert on the stage of the central Hybernia theater with a common finale, a hymn and fireworks. Well, what’s new about the “Autumn Fairy Tale – 2018”?

New form of competition. The competition has become open and participants and leaders can observe how the struggle unfolds in nominations.
The new stage of the Congress Center Plzeень turned out to be very convenient for holding the contest “Autumn Fairy Tale”
New jury:
Along with recognized stars of judging such as: Miroslav Peshikov (classical dance, stylization, pop dance and modern), Shimon Kuban (contemporary, Show Formation, sports dance, hip-hop) Jury was included in the jury (ballet, folklore , Stylization and pop dance) – the acting main choreographer of the Pilsen Theater.
A new form of gala concerts is a great show:
for each number, a thematic projection was selected. The best numbers were screened at various venues of the International Youth Forum. Now, each number of the Gala ceremony can be presented with a pre-prepared clip or with a specific row by request.
A new form of awarding grants allowed the fans to rejoice with teams. and parents, even if they watch the broadcast.
New cognitive program:
Now participants have the opportunity to learn the culture and history of not only Vienna and Prague, but also Pilsen, Nuremberg, Karlovy Vary or Mariánské Lázně.
A new form of congratulations on the birthday of the leader and children who participate in the festival “Autumn Fairy Tale.”
New opportunity to place in Hotel 4 * in Pilsen and disco in this hotel.
New awards were awarded for the best choreographic works: Miriam Shupenova (Slovakia), Gryshchuk Larisa (Ukraine). For pedagogical work and transfer of the folklore traditions of the youth: Badri Tsetskhladze (Georgia), Nikishina Yane (Russia).
New unique commemorative medals with the festival angel were completed by all participants of the festival. Congratulations and proud of our members!
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