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Prague Congress Centre

With beautiful panoramic views over the city, the Prague Congress Centre (PCC) is one of the most prominent landmarks of the Czech capital. The PCC complex also includes the Vyšehrad Business Centre and the 4-star Holiday Inn Prague Congress Centre with 251 rooms.    The Prague Congress Centre ranks among the best-known congress venues in Europe with more than 50 halls, reception and meeting rooms with a total capacity of up to 9,300 people, and 13,000 m2  of exhibition space. The centre’s high technical standards and diverse options for arranging meeting spaces make the venue a prime choice for hosting exhibitions, social events, banquets, and cultural productions, as well as congresses and conferences.        The largest hall is the Congress Hall with a maximum capacity of 2,764. Thanks to its excellent acoustics, the Congress Hall ranks among the best concert halls in the world.    

House of Culture Hall in Vinohrady

Hybernia Theatre, Prague

Renowned musical theatre housed in the U Hybernů building, built in eye-catching Empire style. Thanks to its location in the historical centre of Prague, the theatre also hosts exceptional concerts, balls, and prestigious cultural events. This is a 600 year old building that’s been a theatre for about two years. What’s the story? Formerly a monastery in the reign of Charles IV it’s also been a college and a customs house as well as surviving four wars. It was briefly a theatre around 1780 but it did not last after the owner died. The Prague Hybernia Theatre Trust raised enough money to begin renovating the building and it reopened in 2013 (the stage is in the location of the former monastery chapel). It is still establishing itself on the cultural circuit so there are no big productions here yet.
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