Best World Dance Group 8.01.2023 in Prague

The organizer of the competition is the European Youth Forum Foundation. Best World Dance Group – a unique dance competition that takes place in the format of the French Disneyland.

The most important criterion for any performance is an interesting spectacle. That’s why you can see a lot of dance styles at the BWDG competition: Ballet, contemporary, scenic and expressive dance, jazz dance, street dance, show dance, aerobics and zumba.

Regardless of the style, the main criteria are a sense of music, good technique, performance and mood. Participants who are interesting to watch receive the highest ratings. The best ones will be supported at the  Sympathy of Europarks Festival in Disneyland.







The long-term president of the jury is the meritorious artist Prima ballerina ND (1979-1986)
Ms. Miroslava Pešíková.

I represent the young generation of the jury:
Šimon Kubáň – Contemporary,
Paul Irmatov – Soloist of the National Ballet of Prague.
Judging is done digitally, allowing coaches, participants and fans to see results immediately.
The main intrigue of the competition is always whether the jury will award the Grant and determine the main winner of the competition. Grants are also awarded to winners in age categories and styles.

The DANCE EMOTION team from Lysá nad Labem, which has already visited the Symphatie Europark festival and performed at Disneyland, will participate in the finale of this season on 01.08.2023.
We will find out who will be next at the Best World Dance Group competition on August 1, 2023

You can also watch the competition on the air:

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