Tests for covid-19, right on the street in the Czech Republic

Today in the Czech Republic began to conduct tests on covid-19, right on the street, in tents, for everyone. The interest in the testing procedure was so great that the queue arose instantly.

Minister of Health Adam Vojtech, already 15 minutes after the start of the test, reported to the media that in Prague and Brno the possibilities are exhausted for today, but you can come tomorrow.

And all women and men are already actively registering in beauty salons, hairdressing salons, because they hope to put themselves in order, at least by the beginning of summer. Only, this dream will come true no earlier than May 25. On the same day, you can look into a small cafe. And, if everything goes well, then 08. 06. 20 will begin to open hotels and restaurants, museums. Children will go to school to take their first exams. And now, theaters this season will not open. . .

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