Sympathy of Europarks – 2019, 2020

Sympathy of Europarks – now not only organize festivals at Disneyland, but also becoming a representative of professional casting, opening up the opportunity for professional growth to its participants.

The main stage of Disneyland was filled with the best bands: USA, Mexico, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Russia.

The audience from all over the World is delighted with children’s creativity from different parts of our planet.

When young talents dance or sing, it does not matter what language they speak.

The language of art of young artists is understandable to all, because it is the language of good, light and inspiration.

Performances: American country music, Mexican dance, Slovak folklore and Russian Kalinka. Pleased with the eye contemporary and expressive dance of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Russia.

And, of course, the younger children’s nomination blew up the hall: “Dwarfs” from Russian Yoshkar-Ola and “Barbariki” from Prague.

A hearty lunch buffet in the fabulous atmosphere of Disneyland impressed everyone. Several types of cuisine: Italian, French, Belgian, and an unlimited number of dishes were good for replenishing the forces after the main concert.

Amusement and entertainment is difficult to surprise modern children. But

The overall situation of the Childhood Tales exists only in Disneyland and everyone feels it, regardless of age.

Disneyland Parades – an unforgettable experience, where we meet with your favorite characters and get into the fantastic action of your dreams.

Since 2019, Sympathy of Europarks take part in parades.

Memorable gifts and diplomas with the symbolism of Miki-Mouse were presented to each team, each participant received medals with the angel “Europark Sympathies”.

Memory photos with Goofy or Mickey Mouse were taken separately for each team and all participants together.

Night show is a fascinating mystification, when a real castle becomes a toy, and fantastic heroes are huge all over the sky, cabins, lights, fountains, music.

Hotel Disneyland – this is an opportunity to completely immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the holiday and cartoon characters. Forgetting for a few days about worries, plunge into childhood.

Sympathy of Europarks is the pinnacle in the life of a creative children’s, youth or mixed group.

The participation of Sympathy of Europarks is impossible to describe or convey, it is necessary to live on them.

Sympatia Europarks is a celebration of childhood, happiness and joy. This is when dreams come true and the Miracle of creativity remains with you forever!

Schedule of festival
Sympathies of Europarks 2019/2020:


“Sympathy of Europarks”29.10-05.11.19

Autumn Parades:

“Sympathy of Europarks” 02.11-04.11.19


“Sympathy of Europarks” 14.12-21.12.19

“Sympathy of Europarks” 06.01-13.01.19

Christmas parades:

“Sympathy of Europarks” 18.12-19.12.19

Christmas choir festivals:

“Sympathy of Europarks” 16.12-19.12.19

“Sympathy of Europarks” 09.01-10.01.20


“Sympathy of Europarks” 30.03-06.04.20

“Sympathy of Europarks” 07.05-14.05.20

Spring choreographic parades:

“Sympathy of Europarks” 01.04-03.04.20

“Sympathy of Europarks” 10.05-12.05.20

Spring Jazz Festivals at Disneyland:

“Sympathy of Europarks” 02.04-04.04.20

“Sympathy of Europarks” 11.05-13.05.20


“Sympathy of Europarks” 06.31-07.06.20

Summer dance parades:

“Sympathy of Europarks” 02.06-04.06.20

Summer Jazz Festivals at Disneyland:

“Sympathy of Europarks” 03.06-05.06.20

“Sympathy of Europarks” 30.10-05.11.20

Autumn Parades:

“Sympathy of Europarks” 03.11-05.11.20


“Sympathy of Europarks” 14.12-21.12.20

“Sympathy of Europarks” 06.01-13.01.20

Christmas parades:

“Sympathy of Europarks” 16.12-18.12.20

Christmas choir festivals:

“Sympathy of Europarks” 12.15-17.12.20

“Sympathy of Europarks” 09.01-10.01.20

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