Blossoming Czech 2019 Report

The spring series of festivals at the International Youth Forum is in full swing.

Most recently, we were delighted with the best participants of the cruise festival “World of Youth” on the Costa Diadema cruise ship, which in March 2019 won the hearts of thousands of viewers from all over the World. Here they are our winners:

Tokana ballet – Japan;

“Idea” – Russia;

“Merey” – Kazakhstan;

“Zolotitsa” – Russia;

Thanks to these outstanding teams, FOR THE FIRST TIME an invitation was received to participate in the professional casting of artists on the COSTA heavy liners.

Report on the last Cruise Festival – HERE

As a significant new event, the 16th Festival “Blooming Czech Republic” thundered in the Czech Republic.

  1. Flashmob festival on the central Old Town Square of Prague:Hundreds of participants from different countries, thousands of spectators – a real festival celebration of youth and dance.

2. Traditional choreographic competition “Blooming Czech Republic 2019” in the Congress Hall in Plzen

It was completed business card teams with a disco.

Jury composed of:

Shimon Kuban (dancer, teacher, choreographer)

Peter Cheika (dancer, teacher, choreographer)

Chaired by the national artist of the Czech Republic, included in the European dance encyclopedia, Miroslava Peshikova

They noted the high level of participants and the high competition in the nominations in which the teams fought: Belarus, Poland, Israel, Russia, Slovenia, Ukraine, the Czech Republic.

3. The vocal and musical competition was held on the professional stage of the Broadway Theater with professional sound and light. New members of the jury represented different countries.

Santiago Ferreila – Brazil (musician, composer, singer, teacher of the International Conservatory of Prague);

Beatrits Todorova – Czech Republic (singer, composer);

Damir Basyrov – People’s Artist of Russia (soloist of the Prague State Opera);

4. All Laureates received grants from 100Eur to 2500Eur for participation in the cruise festival “World of Youth” and for the festival “Europark Sympathies” in Disneyland.

5. For the first time the festival was held with graphic and video intros on the background on huge LED monitors.

The hall of the central theater “Broadway” in 700 spectators was delighted with the most bright and large-scale festival show in Europe “The Czech Republic 2019”.5

6. The Grand Prix of the “Blooming Czech Republic 2019” festival was awarded to the multiple winner of international festivals, the folk team “Slaviane”, Ukraine.

The jury prize “Blooming Czech Republic 2019” for the high level and development of children’s choreography was won by the people’s team of Russia “The same age”.

The prize of the organizers of the festival “Blooming Czech Republic 2019” for their contribution to children’s international creativity was received by the team “Nadia”, Ukraine.

7. Soon the 11th “Europark Sympathy” festivals of the International Youth Forum will continue their march in Disneyland, where teams from Mexico and the USA will join the participants from Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Russia.

8. The best in nominations

Instrumental music:

Quartet VIVO, Czech Republic –LAUREATE 1; Band Duši Burmeč (Czech Republic);
Vocal nomination (ensembles):

Art-Club “Admiral”, Russia.
Vocal nomination variety Solo:

Adelina Tkač (6-8 years old), Czech Republic – LAUREATE 1

Alexis Hathiramani (10-12 years old), Czech Republic – LAUREATE 2

Oxana Fedorova (10-12 years old), Czech Republic – LAUREATE 1;

Valeria Chechena (13-15 years old), Russia LAUREATE 2;

Nikita Cherkashin (13-15 years old), Russia LAUREATE 1;

Daria Barsukova (16-19 years old), Russia LAUREATE 1;

Elvira Sharafutdinov (adults), Russia LAUREATE 1;

Svetlana Borisova (adults), Russia LAUREATE 1;
Pop dance:

Category 1 (6-8) Amadeus, Israel – LAUREATE 2

Mixed category Akademia, Ukraine – LAUREATE 2

3 category Nadia, Ukraine – LAUREATE 1
Modern dance:

“Up Grate”, Russia – LAUREATE 1

“Impuls 2”, Czech Republic – DIPLOMAT 1;
Ballroom dance:

2 category Nadia, Ukraine; LAUREATE 1
Folk dance and stylization:

2 category (10-12 years) Honored People’s Group “The Same Age”, Russia – LAUREATE 1

3 category folk (13-15 years old) Honored Folk group “Slaviane”, Ukraine – LAUREATE 1

3 category stylization (13-15 years old) Honored People’s Group “The Same Age”, Russia – LAUREATE 1

Mixed category folk group “Rossici”, Russia – LAUREATE 2

The XVI Music and Choreographic Festival “The Blooming Czech Republic 2019” continued the traditions of the largest international competition of children and youth in Europe.

The Feast of Youth and Childhood “Blooming Czech Republic 2019” on the central stages of Prague and Plzen shows the best examples of children’s creativity and significantly influences the formation of youth culture at the international level.

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