>> Home >> Competition festivals in Europe >> Nominations >> The Orchestras>> The Jury Orchestras The Jury Orchestras The jury evaluates the participants on 100-point scale. Regarding the genres of performing and nominations the awards are distributed due to seven age groupsparticipants who received under 50 points become prize winners Diplomant 3(copper diploma);participants who received up to 50 points become prize winners Diplomant 2(copper diploma);participants who received up to 70 points become prize winners Diplomant 1 (copper diploma);participants who received from 70 to 80 points – prize winners of the third degree Laureat 3(bronze diploma);participants who received from 81 to 90 points become prize winners of the second degree Laureat 2(silver diploma);participants who received from 91 to 99 points become prize winners of the first degree Laureat 1 (gold diploma );participants who received 100 points become winners of the grand prize of the contest “ Grand-Prix” (platinum diploma). * Awards and certificates will be given to all the orchestras from the providers of the contest. Each orchestras is given a personalized certificate in the form of engraving on a special base for its contribution into the cultural international relations. Special trophy cups are provided for the winners Competitive program is evaluated by the professional jury, comprising from well-deserved figures of culture and arts, professional educators, active artists, philanthropists, representatives of the media and the state authorities of the Czech Republic and other European countries. The jury reserves the right: to grant a place, not to grant all prizes, to award a special prize of the jury. Part of the right of the jury is selecting the best numbers for the final performance at the gala concert. Chairman of musical and vocal Jury is Doc. Jan Maria Dobrodinský – honorary conductor of the Bratislava Philharmonic, recorded in the Encyclopaedia of Art, winner of the recognition of Ministers of Culture of Slovakia and the Bedrich Smetana award. Invitations to the jury: well-known European conductors , directors of music schools, famous instrumental music experts and directors of theatres. The decision of the jury is approved and registered in the report, it is final and unchangeable. Support for the festival participants The jury determines the winner with assigning certificates to participants in the following form: Grand Prix; Laureate of 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree; Diploma of 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree; Festival participant; Group size from 10 persons receive cups made from Bohemian glass, soloists, laureates of 1st degree and small formations – commemorative gifts, as well as all the children received 1st place – diplomas from the World Cultural Union; Thank-you letters from sponsors (upon the early registration); All groups – winners will receive a grant in the amount of 250 – 4000 EUR for participation in the festival tour:Sympathy of Europarks“ with the performance in Disneyland, or Summer festivals held in České Budějovice – Italy: „Silver voice“, „Czech Fairy Tale“, „Metamorphosis of castles“, „Holiday of time“.  
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