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Orchestras and instrumental ensembles It is one of the biggest international  Orсhestra and instrumental groups competitive festivals in the world for professional and amateur orchestras and instrumental ensembles groups . Prague-best city for festivals. Festivals IYF offer Best CONDITIONS for Orchestras and instrumental ensembles: Competition in the acoustic halls. Gala concert on the professional stage the most famous theaters. solo concert An impressive opening of the contest and a bright memorizable final concert will become an emotional framing of this grand event in lives of all the instrumental groups. Orchestral Category IYF – friendly meetings, workshops in the theaters of Prague , the opportunity to fulfill a joint work with the Czech youth orkestr. The final concert of the festival will become a vivid closing of this grand event, when orchestras different countrys will play together. The provider of the contest is a festival competitive organization International Youth Forum (IYF Czech ), production center International Youth Forum (Great Britain), the theaters Teplice and Prague , City Hall Prague and the city Hall of Teplice , Ústí nad Labem region and European Parliament Why is it worth participating in this contest • it is one of the interesting contests; • impressive opening and closing ceremonies; • the system of evaluation which guarantees the highest quality of judging; • trainings, master-classes, round tables with the leading specialists and tutors • joint performance in the Gala concert on the professional stage on the most famous theaters • choice of excursion programs included in the price; • full board or half board (buffet: breakfast, lunch, dinner + drinks); • official international numbered certificates with the results ; • team heads and sponsors are given personalized thank-you letters on the official numbered letterhead of the Czech region ; • each orchestras and instrumental ensembles group is given a personalized certificate for its contribution into the cultural international progress in the form of engraving on a special base; • possibility of solo performances; • possible participation in competitions and gala concerts in one, two or three European countries; • selection of programs from Eur 60 to 222 Eur , depends on the choice of the team • master classes will be held by one of the most outstanding conductors   All our programs consist of two parts: The event is held for popularization of art of the instrumental music and youth orchestras and instrumental ensembles , developing of artistic connections among instrumental ensembles and youth orchestras and instrumental ensembles from different cities and countries, for broadening repertoire , creating new professional contacts and experience interexchange. 1. Participation in the competition and festival 2. Participation without competing in the competition in the framework of the festival program *. * For the instrumental group who don’t want to participate in the competitive program, but wish to participate in the festival are provided with joint rehearsals, workshops and master classes, where they receive advice and an official certificate from the renowned international experts during a brief discussion in an open and friendly atmosphere. Non competing instrumental groups will also perform at international friendship concerts combining with different instrumental groups Orchestras and instrumental ensembles Piano (solo, small formations up to 4 people); String instruments and various instruments (solo, small formations); orchestras and ensembles; Wind Instruments (solo, small formations), orchestras and ensembles; Percussion (solo, small formations), orchestras and ensembles; Folk instruments (solo, small formations); Jazz orchestras and ensembles Folk orchestras and ensembles Mixed orchestras and ensembles Vocal and instrumental orchestras and ensembles Soloists – instrumentalists present two different artistic figures in a total length of 7 minutes, ENSEMBLES of up to 10 minutes. Criteria for evaluation:
  • artistic skills (holding instruments, sound, technique, rhythm, dynamics);
  • The complexity of the repertoire;
  • performing arts (costume, props, culture of origin);
  • Audio balance (for orchestras);
  • Artistic performance
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